4D Lottery Roll-Back Tutorial

There are many ways to play Permutation 4D. Types are various, including iBOX Bet, Reverse Bet, and Permutation Bet. Among all, Roll-Back is a popular one. Online Malaysia Casino is going to introduce you Roll-Back in this article! Players will receive ten sets of digits through Roll-Back, in that way it’ll increase winning chances!


How to Play Roll-Back and Get Malaysia 4D Live Result?

Players have to select three numbers first, and then keep it fixed, that it means fixing-front numbers. The last number is the rolling number, covering from 0 to 9. You’ll finally get ten sets of numbers as shown in the following picture.

Play Roll-Back and Get Malaysia 4D Live Result


4D Roll-Back Illustration Shown as Below:

iBET Online Casino 4D Roll-Back Illustration Shown



Different Ways to Win at 4D Gambling Lottery Games

There are many different kinds of ways to win 4D Lottery Games. In addition to the “Roll-Back” that we speak of in this article, PT, Roll-Front, i-Permutate, Single……. and so on are also the very common and popular players like to use in betting 4D Lottery Games. If you want to know more about these playing methods, we recommend you some articles that you can read before playing!


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Best Live Platform You Can’t Miss to Play Asia 4D Betting Lottery!

We recommend you to have fun in iLottery platform to play 4D Lottery games. iLottery platform has all kinds of lottery games for you to bet! It’s really famous and have loved by many players in Malaysia Live Gambling Casino. If you have face some problem during playing the games, welcome to give us your own feedback, we will receive it and solve for you as soon as possible. What are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy the game now!

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