Get Free RM50 By Deposit RM30

To reward iBET’s members, iBET Online Casino has launched a special promotion with deposit rewards to users. iBET member can deposit RM30 and get free RM50 bonus in our latest promotion! Come and follow iBET to know more details about the special bonus.

iBET Promotion Tutorial-Get Free RM50 By Deposit RM30


iBET Promotion Tutorial – Steps to Get Free RM50 By Deposit RM30


Step 1.

Login to your account on iBET’s homepage.

Step 2.

Click “DEPOSIT” on the top of the homepage to enter the deposit page. Or click on the right, iBET Teach You How To Making Deposits in Your Account .

iBET Promotion Tutorial - Get Free RM50 by deposit RM30-deposit


【iBET Tips】

You have to activate your profile for the following deposit procedure.


Step 3.

Please follow the instruction to fill in your deposit information including bank account, deposit method, deposit date, and deposit amount.

iBET Promotion Tutorial - Get Free RM50 by deposit RM30-fill in


【iBET Tips】

Please contact iBET Customer Service to get the latest bank account to deposit your money in. Also, please use online transaction or ATM to deposit the designated “MYR 30”(which can not be less or more), and you will be eligible for the event.
After depositing your money in the bank account, you need to follow the steps below to fill out the application form.

iBET Promotion Tutorial - Get Free RM50 by deposit RM30-MYR30


Step 4.

Please tick the checkbox of “Deposit RM30 and get free RM50” in the “Choose Your Promotion Package Here” section.

After filling out the form, please click the “Submit” button to send out your request.


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iBET Promotion Tutorial - Get Free RM50 by deposit RM30-success


When you see “Thank you!” on the screen, it means you’ve sent out the application successfully. Please wait for 3-5 minutes for the further process, and the deposit bonus will be dispatched to your iBET account soon.

iBET Promotion Tutorial - Get Free RM50 by deposit RM30-SUBMIT


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